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Are Accent Chairs the Answer to Decorating in Small Spaces?

If you have a few areas in your home that need seating, but your options are limited due to door placement and walkway needs, accent chairs are the perfect option. Made for decorating in small spaces, the accent chair is one of the best decorating tools that you can find because they have flexibility, allow for you to add in dashes of color, and are easy to move around. Of course, another huge factor in favor of accent chairs is that they are inexpensive. This is especially true with Fobango’s everyday savings and group buying specials that make it possible to decorate your nest for less!

Every room has one or two spots that obviously could use a little something, but just don’t have room for a loveseat or a lounger. How do you fill the space in a useful way and still make the room look good? That is where using accent chairs to decorate in small spaces comes into play. A part of what makes an accent chair work in small spaces so well is that it is versatile enough to be faced in different angles and still look like it is properly placed.

When you look at an accent chair to decorate a small space, the first thing to check for is whether it is going to blend well with the existing decorating scheme. The colors can add a little splash, but should compliment what is already in place. Similarly, if you go with a pattern print accent chair like the floral print lounge chair to the left, you will want to make sure it doesn’t clash. A little extra personality is good, just don’t go overboard. A neutral chair can unobtrusively fill a gap in an otherwise busy looking and gaily decorated space, while a brighter chair with patterned upholstery can stand out in a room of straight lines and solid colors.

Another thing to consider is balance – will one accent chair be enough or should you go with a matched pair? The odds are that your tight space is really two separate tight spaces – corners! What better way to dress those matching small spaces up than with a matched pair of accent chairs? The odds are you can’t find a better option, because this is the exact type of decorating situation accent chairs are made for. Toss a shawl over the back of one and perch a pillow on the other to provide interest.

Depending on how often the chairs will be used, you can decide whether you want armless sitting chairs, armchairs, a rocker or a lounging chair. Don’t forget to make sure the person sitting in the chair will be comfortable. Decorative and practical is a hard combination to beat which makes accent chairs a must for any room with small spaces that need to be filled in. With Fobango, a number of accent chairs are available at low prices with $2.99 shipping so you can’t go wrong. Accent chairs from Fobango don’t just make sense, they make dollars and cents!

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