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At Fobango, we know how difficult furnishing a small apartment can be. We have a ton of space saving and affordable options in our online store, but what are some good tips for decorating a small apartment? Read on for our suggestions for apartment living! 

Apartment home furnishings should be bought with an eye to several key factors – whether they will fit the space available, how easy they will be to transfer in and out of the apartment, and how they will fit with existing decor (or, if you are allowed to make changes to things like flooring and wall paint, how they will fit with your envisioned decor). For most apartment dwellers, space is the first consideration, and apartment furniture is limited to what they can easily have transported and what will not overfill the space available. Of course, those with spacious open lofts or larger more expensive digs as well as a fat budget may be able to get away with a furniture plan that has more scope.

Apartment size furniture isn’t always smaller – it’s just designed to work in smaller spaces. In the kitchen this may mean a microwave is hung under a cabinet instead of sitting on a counter; in the laundry room, a stacked washer and dryer set take up less space while still getting the job done. The goal is to have apartment furniture that works in the space but still allows everything that needs to get done to get done – whether it is seating six in the living room or dinette without everyone ending up in each other’s laps.

If you are working with a small flat or apartment, forget about the pit group and instead decide how you will be spending time in each room of the house. Apartment size furniture for a small living area might mean two loveseats in an “L” and a pair of straight backed chairs instead of a long sofa set and recliners. A kitchenette could benefit from a high table and saddleback barstools instead of an ordinary leaved table surrounded by armed chairs.

Eliminate the need for a large entertainment center by mounting the television on a wall (make sure you secure it properly to a stud) and hanging speakers from the ceiling corners for surround sound in a small space. Have friends over every Wednesday for gaming night? Extra beanbags or gaming seats can be stored and easily stacked in a closet and hauled out for company. This coffee table has 4 pullout ottomans and is a perfect space saving edition to a small apartment. Apartment furniture can be fun!

Your apartment home furnishings can be bought with an eye to a sleek contemporary design, with an eye to maximizing space and leaving as much floor clear as possible; or can be friendly and warm, with a variety of upholstered pieces and wooden coffee and end tables for a rustic look. Wall art can mimic the overall vibe or set the tone – a large framed print on an accent wall creates an uptown atmosphere, while a Navajo blanket pinned to the wall above a gas fireplace evokes a homey feel.

Apartment size furniture comes in a variety of colors and materials, which can be played on to create individual spaces in each room. A microfiber comfy chair with a warm fleece throw thrown over the arm creates a reading spot, or a wooden rocking chair with a soft pillow becomes a nursing corner. Fitting in bedroom furniture can be a challenge in small apartment bedrooms; look for a full instead of a queen bed, and an upright bureau instead of a wide dresser.

Look for double duty items when shopping for apartment home furnishings. A two seat sofa that turns into a twin bed is perfect for an overnight visitor, and children’s rooms can fall back on the ever handy bunkbed or trundle to make more room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your space or get rid of pieces that are too large – something that does the job without leaving a room feeling cramped is worth more than a matched set!

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