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Area Rugs: The Perfect Way To Protect Your Floor and Boost Your Home Décor.

Area rugs are the perfect option for home décor and floor protection. You may only be thinking of one need or the other, but that is part of what makes area rugs such a great buy – either way you are getting a 2 for 1!

When you buy your area rugs from Fobango that means getting great home décor and floor protection at a great price because at Fobango, you can build your nest for less with great everyday savings and group buys! Let’s look at what makes area rugs great, and examine their benefits a little more closely.

Area rugs are great for protecting your floors because they are going to absorb a lot of the day to day abuse that your normal flooring would be subjected to. Whether it be stains from spills that seep into wood or scuffs that seem unavoidable at times, an area rug can handle the damage. Area rugs don’t scuff as easily as floors do, and stains from spills are not a problem so long as they are tended to. You’ll never need to mop your area rug or oil it like you should be doing with a hardwood floor. All you need to do is pass a vacuum over it and occasionally you may want to take it outside to beat the dust from it. That’s all!

For home décor, area rugs are hard to beat. They can set the tone of a room as well as piece of furniture is capable of doing. Depending on whether you choose an area rug to fill the room or something smaller to help create a specific look in a smaller space, an area rug immediately provides a warmer tone for a room. They also allow you to blend in a variety of colors that can be used to brighten or subdue a room without taking away from your existing look.

The comfort that areas rugs bring to a room is undeniable. Your bare feet will not have to hit a cold floor again once you add an area rug to the mix of a room. Not to mention that area rugs provide a nice sound deafening quality that helps take away from the thud of heavy footsteps. If you have indoor pets that range around the house, this is especially nice – particularly if they are on the heavy side. They’ll also protect hardwood flooring from claw marks and keep running pets from skidding if they go too fast.

It’s easy to see that adding an area rug to a room can do everything from add a splash of color, protect your permanent flooring and add a level of comfort you’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without having before. Best of all, Fobango has dozens of sizes, designs and colors so you can always find what you’re looking at a low price that makes adding one or two to your home a great deal.

So what do you think? Area rugs are versatile and provide an easy and fun way to spice up your homes decor. Below are some of our Community Manager’s favorite rugs on the site. Tell us in the comments what your favorite rug is or let us know on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Community Manager Picks

Embellished Circles Denim Area Rug.  - $100.00

“Liora Manne Rugs: Beautiful contemporary designs, for indoors or outdoors, are crafted in polypropylene and modacrylic pile in this versatile collection.”

Iron Works Black Area Rug - $200.00

“Combining hand hooking and hand tufting techniques, these rugs off a rich, textural surface while being durable enough for any high traffic area of your home.”

Anatolia Blue Area Rug - $250.00

“This 100% wool, hand-tufted rugs offer elegant, traditional designs rendered in updated colors.”


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