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Bar Stools and Pub Tables – Retro’s Back, Baby!

Bar stools and pub tables are bringing the past back to the future again with fashion and flair. Bar stools and pub tables are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends to dress up a room without going too fancy – or spending too much money! At Fobango, where you can build your nest for less, great combinations of bar stools and pub tables are waiting for a new home. With low priced $2.99 shipping and great everyday savings and group buys, Fobango makes putting a pub table and bar stool set in your home a piece of cake!

The combination of a pub table with bar stools never actually went out of style. It may not have been as popular as it is right now over the last decade or so, but it remained a cornerstone of decorating concepts around the home because of its practicality and versatility. A pub table or two can work great in game rooms, family rooms and even in kitchenettes that may be a little cramped for space. For apartment dwellers, the bar stool and pub table ensemble has long been a great space saving piece of furniture. What you can do with a pub table around the home is nearly limitless.

A pair of bar stools with a pub table helps create an ‘on-the-go’ dining center. Even without a pub table, bar stools can be a universal must-have item for any home. Whether they get used in the rec room, a kitchen nook or the family room, pub stools are a great way to add a little extra seating that can easily travel from room to room without eating up all of your available space.

Bar stools can easily be stowed under many counters or even lined up along an empty wall when not in use without looking out of place. That is something you can’t pull off with many pieces of furniture effectively! Next time you worry about upcoming holiday parties or family reunions, consider using barstools to hold the overflow and sitting extra guests at a cozy pub table surrounded by kitchen stools. Counter height works great for older children and teens who are too big for the kiddie table!

If you need a way to jazz up any room in your home and are looking for a great set of furniture pieces that can actually be used as well, a pub table with a set of bar stools is unbeatable. When you look at them from a practicality and versatility standpoint, their value is undeniable – it’s a major bang for your buck any way you cut it.

From a stylistic standpoint, you can never go wrong with this classic combo that has never gone out of vogue. For the money, there is almost no better deal out there, especially with Fobango’s already low prices and $2.99 shipping and great group buying specials. Let Fobango help you decorate your nest for less and you’ll see why everyone is saying that shopping with Fobango makes good dollars and cents!

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“This is my favorite pub table set from our kitchen collection. You can easily fit this piece into a breakfast nook or a corner if you have a smaller-than-average kitchen or are living in an apartment without much room. This pub table and stool set combines elegance with comfort and is an awesome deal at 35% off retail prices.” -Sam Rexford

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