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Classic Bed Designs for Any Home Decor Style

There are enough varieties of beds on the market to meet the stylistic tastes and needs of almost everyone, and at Fobango where you can build your nest for less we’ve got them! Choosing a bed depends as much on how it looks as a part of a completed room as it does any other factor aside from size.

A part of what helps determine what bed will be right for you is what it has to offer aside from looks. Do you need extra storage space? Do you need a bed that sits higher than the norm? Whatever your needs are, Fobango has a bed for you. With that in mind, here are some of the most popular styles of beds around the world year in, year out.

Platform beds like this Taupe Queen Platform Bed (shown to the left) are minimalist in style in that they can go with almost any décor scheme you can dream up. They are marked by a simple no frill rectangular design without a footboard in the cast majority of samples. They have a clean edge design, and in some cases the biggest “extra” they have is built in base storage. Platform beds remain popular because they are designed to be used without a box spring which not everyone wants. [Read more...]

Choosing Your Bed for Comfort and Style

Choosing a bed for comfort and style has never been easier now that Fobango is making decorating your nest for less as  easy as a pointing and clicking your way to a good night’s sleep. [Read more...]

Are Accent Chairs the Answer to Decorating in Small Spaces?

If you have a few areas in your home that need seating, but your options are limited due to door placement and walkway needs, accent chairs are the perfect option. Made for decorating in small spaces, the accent chair is one of the best decorating tools that you can find because they have flexibility, allow for you to add in dashes of color, and are easy to move around. [Read more...]

Decorative Pillows: Add Pop and Pizzazz to Your Couch

Decorative sofa pillows can be a lifesaver when you are on a tight budget. Are you caught in the dilemma of wanting to give your couch a makeover but don’t have the money to do a full-blown overhaul? If that sounds like you, consider using decorative pillows to create a quick and economical overhaul facelift that will only look like you spent a fortune. Revamping the look and feel of your home can be done on the cheap. Decorative throw pillows are easy to work with, have a tremendous variety to choose from and work better than you probably think they would. [Read more...]

Spice Up Your Home Decor With Throw Pillows

One of the best ways to spice up your home décor is with decorative throw pillows, and at Fobango, we have a huge selection of accent pillows - something for almost any style room.The right designer throw pillow can change the entire tone of a room. You can use throw pillows to balance out the look of a room, accent a particular piece of furniture or you can even acquire decorative throw pillows that double up as practical use throw pillows.
Best of all, designer throw pillows doesn’t necessarily translate to expensive. [Read more...]

Designer Pillows – When, Where and How to Use Them

There are quite a few people looking to change their home décor that would love to use designer throw pillows but aren’t quite sure about how, when and where to use them. Decorating using toss pillows is easy and affordable on Fobango, and doesn’t have to be an intimidating undertaking. [Read more...]

The Zebra Pillow – Animal Patterns Taking Interior Decor by Storm

Animal pattern designer throw pillows have never been more popular than they are right now, particularly the zebra pillow.The leopard pillow has some fans as does the Dalmatian toss pillow, but the zebra pillow is a timeless classic that remains as popular today as it ever was.  [Read more...]

Pillow Decor – Decorative Pillows can Landscape Your Living Space

Whether you have a new set of living room furniture or are trying to dress up an existing set, decorative pillows can transform your living room quickly and easily for a reasonable price and you can find almost any style you’re looking for on Fobango. [Read more...]

Colorful Pillows in the Bedroom – Decoration or Distraction?

Not everyone is in agreement as to whether or not colorful decorative pillows in the bedroom are decoration or a distraction. In broad terms, women seem to think of colorful designer throw pillows in the bedroom as a decoration while many men tend to view them as a distraction. [Read more...]

Teen Boys and Bedroom Décor – Discount Furniture Options

When it comes to teen boys and décor, the two may not seem to go together. With Fobango though, teen boys and décor are perfect matches with discount furniture options that will allow your teen boy to have a room that is all grown up for a lot less than you can find anywhere else thanks to our everyday savings and group buying specials. [Read more...]