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5 Tips For Making a Smart Dining Room Chairs Purchase

Picking out dining chairs seems like something that takes little thought beyond getting the style you like to go with your overall décor plan, but you also need to think about functionality and comfort. You will spend many hours sitting in your dining chairs relaxing with your friends and family while enjoying a good meal or glass of wine and after dinner conversation. Whatever your dining room needs, Fobango has you covered.

While style is important, there really is more that you need to consider. Today, we are going to explore some of the features of a dining chair you should be looking for to make sure that you meet all of your needs.

Here are 5 tips to help ensure that you not only get a stylish dining chair, but that you get one that meets your needs for comfort as well. [Read more...]

Tips For Decorating With Area Rugs

Decorating with area rugs is always popular because there is virtually no limit to what you can do with them. You can match your area rug to the drapes you have in place already, your furniture set, a single focal piece of furniture or you can let them stand on their own and decorate around them. The other side of the popularity of area rugs is their practicality and price. Whatever reason you have for choosing an affordable area rug, one thing that is certain is that you will want to make it last as long as possible. Here are some tips to help make that happen!

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Once you choose the area rug you want to place in your room, make sure that you use a rug pad to go with it. While this is not an absolute necessity, it will make walking on your area rug a bit easier on the feet, it will help keep it from sliding around and it will help your area rug last longer. Most people think that carpets wear out on the top, but in actuality they wear out on the bottom first. [Read more...]

Big Kids Beds – Graduating Your Toddler

Moving your child into a kid’s bed of their own is not always the easiest trick to pull off. Your little one has usually grown very comfortable in their crib and likes the familiarity of it – even if they are often getting just a bit too big to fit in it properly anymore. No matter what, the transition does have to happen, usually around age 3-4, so as a parent you need to figure out what move makes sense when that time arrives. Do you opt for something short term but geared toward a small child or think longer term and go right up to a regular sized bed? Each direction has pros and cons, so that is what we will look at today.

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Small convertible crib/beds are okay for what they are. They are a step up from the traditional crib that helps ease the child into getting used to the idea of sleeping in a bed. As time passes, the piece is used more and more as the child’s bed and less as a crib. For some children, this is without a doubt the best route to take, but for others, the transition works much better making a bold move. [Read more...]

Choosing Your Bed for Comfort and Style

Choosing a bed for comfort and style has never been easier now that Fobango is making decorating your nest for less as  easy as a pointing and clicking your way to a good night’s sleep. [Read more...]

Bar Stools and Pub Tables – Retro’s Back, Baby!

Bar stools and pub tables are bringing the past back to the future again with fashion and flair. Bar stools and pub tables are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends to dress up a room without going too fancy – or spending too much money! At Fobango, where you can build your nest for less, great combinations of bar stools and pub tables are waiting for a new home. With low priced $2.99 shipping and great everyday savings and group buys, Fobango makes putting a pub table and bar stool set in your home a piece of cake!

The combination of a pub table with bar stools never actually went out of style. It may not have been as popular as it is right now over the last decade or so, but it remained a cornerstone of decorating concepts around the home because of its practicality and versatility. A pub table or two can work great in game rooms, family rooms and even in kitchenettes that may be a little cramped for space. For apartment dwellers, the bar stool and pub table ensemble has long been a great space saving piece of furniture. What you can do with a pub table around the home is nearly limitless. [Read more...]

Are Accent Chairs the Answer to Decorating in Small Spaces?

If you have a few areas in your home that need seating, but your options are limited due to door placement and walkway needs, accent chairs are the perfect option. Made for decorating in small spaces, the accent chair is one of the best decorating tools that you can find because they have flexibility, allow for you to add in dashes of color, and are easy to move around. [Read more...]

Dorm Room Furniture – 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Happy New Year! On your way back to school after the holiday break? Here’s a great a list of do’s and don’ts for decorating your dorm room. [Read more...]

How to Create a Game Room with Discount Furnishings

If you need a little help figuring out how to crate a game room with discount furnishings, Fobango.com is the first and only place you need to look for all of your needs.

At Fobango, where you can build your nest for less, [Read more...]

Turn your Garage or Basement into a Man Cave with Discount Furniture

Discount furniture on Fobango can be the key to creating a budget friendly yet thoroughly complete man cave. [Read more...]

Apartment Home Furnishings & Décor

At Fobango, we know how difficult furnishing a small apartment can be. We have a ton of space saving and affordable options in our online store, but what are some good tips for decorating a small apartment? Read on for our suggestions for apartment living!  [Read more...]