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Classic Bed Designs for Any Home Decor Style

There are enough varieties of beds on the market to meet the stylistic tastes and needs of almost everyone, and at Fobango where you can build your nest for less we’ve got them! Choosing a bed depends as much on how it looks as a part of a completed room as it does any other factor aside from size.

A part of what helps determine what bed will be right for you is what it has to offer aside from looks. Do you need extra storage space? Do you need a bed that sits higher than the norm? Whatever your needs are, Fobango has a bed for you. With that in mind, here are some of the most popular styles of beds around the world year in, year out.

Platform beds like this Taupe Queen Platform Bed (shown to the left) are minimalist in style in that they can go with almost any décor scheme you can dream up. They are marked by a simple no frill rectangular design without a footboard in the cast majority of samples. They have a clean edge design, and in some cases the biggest “extra” they have is built in base storage. Platform beds remain popular because they are designed to be used without a box spring which not everyone wants.

The panel bed is a lot like platform beds except that the sides have rails designed to keep a box spring in place. They usually have a tall decorated headboard in contrast to the plain smooth headboard on a platform bed. At times, the headboards on a panel bed will even be upholstered. Some will have built in base storage, but it is not the norm.

Canopy beds like this Queen Sized Cast-Iron Canopy Bed are a favorite that never go out of style. Tall bedposts with connecting cross beams allow for a cloth material to be draped over the bed creating an exotic fairy tale look. The headboard and footboard will generally be rather ornate featuring some form of scrolling to complete the look.  Canopy beds can support a box spring and mattress, but do not come standard with built in base storage.

The sleigh bed is one of the most popular designs in the US. Sleigh beds have a tall curved headboard with lower profile curved footboard. Each will generally feature scrollwork and may be upholstered as well. A classic, true sleigh bed, creates the silhouette of a horse drawn sleigh which is a part of what makes them so popular.

Finally, four poster beds are similar to canopy beds except that the bedposts are much lower and they do not have supporting top crossbeams. They have decoratively detailed headboards and carved bedposts to create a more luxurious upscale look. The footboard is designed to match headboard on about one fourth of the designs on the market.

Now that you know a bit more about bed designs, you can choose a bed to fit your stylistic needs as well as your practical needs. Remember that at Fobango low, low shipping at only $2.99 and great everyday savings and group buys make decorating your nest for less a breeze!

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite style of bed? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. :)