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Colorful Pillows in the Bedroom – Decoration or Distraction?

Not everyone is in agreement as to whether or not colorful decorative pillows in the bedroom are decoration or a distraction. In broad terms, women seem to think of colorful designer throw pillows in the bedroom as a decoration while many men tend to view them as a distraction.What many people don’t realize is that once the lady of the house adds a dash of colorful designer throw pillows into the bedroom decorating scheme, they grow on men to the point that they do begin to appreciate them as a decoration.

Just because you choose colorful throw pillows as a home accent in the bedroom doesn’t mean they aren’t also practical. It’s not uncommon for people that originally viewed those accent pillows as a distraction to begin seeing they do serve a dual purpose.  Contemporary throw pillows are great for those times when you want to elevate your feet or get a little extra support behind your back when sitting up in bed. The right touch of pillow décor that is also practical will make a fan of colorful throw pillows in the bedroom.

When choosing modern throw pillows for the bedroom, one of the most important things to consider is the fabric used to create the pillow. Texture is important because the odds are that even if you originally intend to use the designer throw pillows you purchase for the bedroom as home accents, you will likely end up using them as a pillow at some point. You want to choose a fabric that will be soft against the skin but still durable enough to withstand actual use. Whether you go with a zebra pillow or opt for colorful pillows that are a bit more tame, make sure that they complement the overall color scheme of your bedroom.

What makes colorful pillows in the bedroom so much more fun than a distraction is that you can change the look of a room almost everyday depending on nothing more than the way you arrange your designer throw pillows. You can lean them against the headboard while resting on top of your regular pillows to create height or in front of your regular pillows to create depth. They can be stacked or randomly piled for more options. If you have the time and desire, you can create geometric shapes for fun and a change of pace. The options really are only limited to your imagination.

If you are like most people, they are a wonderful bit of home décor that allows a subtle way to express yourself and add to the comfort of your room. The right colorful pillows in the bedroom can go a long way toward creating a warm, inviting space that you look forward to being in for something aside from sleeping off a long day. With a little imagination, colorful pillows can dress up any bedroom in the house without being a distraction.

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