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Contemporary Home Decor for Stylish Living

At Fobango we want to provide the best options for stylish, contemporary home fashion at prices that won’t break the bank. Contemporary home decor can be the key to stylish living. A small apartment or house can be made comfortable while remaining open and spacious if the right furniture pieces are used.The idea when creating a contemporary look is to combine tone on tone color palettes of white, cream, taupe and brown, using natural fabrics and understated flooring options as a base, then building on the foundation with mild designs. For contrast, stick to a splash of color on an accent wall or a boldly patterned rug like this Agra Plum Area Rug. Affordable contemporary furniture can help you achieve this effect without breaking the bank.

 Contemporary furniture should have clean lines and smooth surfaces, and be constructed of neutral, light grained woods such as maple or birch. Metal or glass can be used as accents in tables or lighting fixtures, such as in this Sleek Living Room Table Set (shown in the thumbnail above), and upholstery should be neutral colored with contrast added via throws or pillows. We have a number of decorative pillows on Fobango.com that can compliment the tone of any room. The final effect should be calming and chic. Look for affordable contemporary furniture pieces which can be combined into a striking set instead of always opting for a combination – buying pieces individually can break the mold and set your apartment or home apart from thousands of others who purchase prearranged settings.

In some cases, contemporary home decor can be more modern in feel; an apartment with a large glass window view can benefit from white walls and carpeting to maximize light, modern track or recessed lighting, and a red sofa to make a visual impact. Alternately, choose taupe colored contemporary furniture with smooth fabrics, use modulated color on the walls and add a large boldly patterned rug in green and blue tones to create contrast in a calm space.

Affordable contemporary furniture can be acquired by shopping discount stores, wholesale outlets, and showrooms selling off display pieces. A great option on Fobango is to sign up for our group buying deals which feature incredible savings at up to 60% off retail prices on contemporary furniture, as well as extremely discounted shipping options. Don’t be afraid to mix and match – unlike certain decorating styles which demand all furniture pieces match and that strict guidelines be followed as to age of individual pieces, contemporary home decor allows you to pull pieces together across decades of design, combining art deco antiques with smooth lines and curves with more modern aerodynamic looking pieces.

Contemporary furniture doesn’t have to be sleek and sterile. A solid metal frame can be softened with a thick woven textile cover, or a glass topped table brightened with a colorful runner. Look for affordable contemporary furniture with solid muted colors that help you pull out the key colors on a favorite piece of art, or use throw pillows and drapes to add pizzazz to an otherwise bland room.

Contemporary home decor has the advantage of being fluid. Once you’ve acquired a solid foundation of contemporary furniture, you can always switch out additions such as pillows, rugs and wall art to let your home change with the seasons – deep rust and brown accents for fall, and bright greens and blues for spring. More affordable contemporary furniture can be added as you find pieces you love, and you can keep small transitions going year round for stylish living your neighbors will envy!

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