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Group Buying Furniture – Getting the Best Deal

Group buying furniture is one of the fastest growing and easiest ways to buy furniture – especially now that buyers across the US can look to Fobango for great deals. Unlike other online group buy sites, Fobango’s vendors are stateside, meaning their merchandise is ready to go as soon as a group buy activates.

No more waiting – buyers who use group buying from Fobango to take advantage of lower prices don’t have to wait 2 months or more for delivery from an overseas vendor. No more insane shipping charges either – Fobango’s incredibly low shipping  means no matter what you purchase, you pay one flat rate.

Traditional Discount Furniture Buying

Traditionally, discount furniture dealers are locked into the same old pattern of buying, shipping, storing, selling and shipping again. First, they have to buy stock from overseas vendors at the rate of a few pieces at a time. Then the furniture has to be shipped overseas, a lengthy and expensive process.

Inventory must be stocked in a showroom (with excess stored in a warehouse), then sold and shipped to the customer. To be able to offer great prices and still turn a profit, shipping costs have to be passed on to the buyer – who must often wait for shipment for weeks or even months.

Fobango’s Group Buying Furniture Option

Unlike traditional discount furniture dealers, Fobango is set up to provide the best deals without the delays in delivery and astronomical shipping. Fobango products are waiting in US warehouses already, so creating group buys in which individuals can take advantage of bulk pricing and get the manufacturers price is a no-brainer, and a great way for us to pass the savings on to our customers.

How it Works: Group Buying Furniture With Fobango

Fobango’s model includes a 14 day group buy of a specific item, with pricing at as much as 60% off retail. When 10 people place an order, the group buy  is activated. Only then are the buyers charged the discounted price plus Fobango’s extremely low shipping fee, and shipping begins. Most Fobango group-buy sets are shipped within 72 hours of the deals activation!

Check out Fobango’s current or upcoming group buy and score some great furniture at an unbeatable price. Group buys range from full-sized sofas to designer accent chairs to pairs of dining or living room chairs or stools. While you’re on the site, check out other fine home furnishings by well known designers at low prices – lighting options, placemats, area rugs and decorative pillows are what makes your nest complete – and Fobango’s great shipping still applies!

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