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The Zebra Pillow – Animal Patterns Taking Interior Decor by Storm

Animal pattern designer throw pillows have never been more popular than they are right now, particularly the zebra pillow.The leopard pillow has some fans as does the Dalmatian toss pillow, but the zebra pillow is a timeless classic that remains as popular today as it ever was. Maybe it is the bold stripe patterns that are just outside of the box that make them popular or perhaps it has something to do with people wanting to express their wild side when choosing their home décor. Whatever the reason is, zebra pillows and animal patterns in general are great decorating accents.

If you think that animal print pillows are just for the younger crowd, think again. While the Dalmatian pattern pillows are particularly popular with toddlers that are into Disney movies, they have their fans that are adults too. The mature crowd tends to gravitate more to the leopard and zebra pillow patterns though. Each offers a unique decorating opportunity that helps add to their attraction.

The leopard print with bold black spots can match most any color scheme you would find in any home. The warm colors are very inviting which adds a nice feline touch to the home without sacrificing masculinity. Small toss pillows are always great to have around and can even be used to dress up your teen boy’s  room without them feeling like you are making it too girly. They also love having the extra pillow or two around because nearly every teenager likes more pillows!

The zebra pillow remains the overall favorite though. Black and white is easy to work into any color scheme. It is bold without being wild which is not a particularly easy look to achieve. Zebra pillows make a particularly great display out of a black couch. A couple zebra decorative pillows for your couch suddenly make it pop. The transformation can be so stunning people would swear you purchased a new couch. It’s tough to beat that massive a facelift for the cost of a few designer decorative pillows!

The nice thing about animal print home décor is that nearly everyone in the house will like it. Teens, toddlers and grownups can all appreciate what the right prints bring to the tone of a room. Animal prints in particular are comforting. They are also quite comfortable when you go with a faux fur over a satin finish. While any fabric is fine on animal print toss pillows, there is something that is undeniably much nicer about the faux fur. If you plan to use your zebra pillow for more than home décor, it sure does feel nice to stretch out on the sofa and have a warm fuzzy pillow to rest your head against. Whatever your overall decorating  scheme is, add in a couple zebra print pillows and you are sure to find a use for them and may even find they are your favorite of the lot!

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