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Utilizing Discount Furniture for your Kitchenette

Discount furniture can be your savior if your home was designed during the era of the kitchenette. Fortunately, Fobango makes furnishing small spaces easy. But what exactly is a kitchenette?When mom and dad both started working outside the home and just two kids became the norm, eating habits changed. Everyone snatched breakfast on the run, ate lunch at work or school and dinner started being eaten more often than not in front of the TV as nobody’s schedule synched for a 6 PM meal.

Formal dining rooms shrank, while kitchens expanded, and the kitchenette was born! It was the perfect place for 2-4 people to sit and grab a quick bite. The ‘nook’ provided a place for coffee drinking, after school snacks, and even full meals. Finding furnishings to fit these little eating spaces can be difficult, but discount furniture can help.

cherry kitchen dining set with a small sturdy counter height table and two saddle seat stools is perfect for the newlywed couple who would like to share meals off of something other than TV trays. A couple of candles, linen napkins and a vase of flowers as a centerpiece turns a simple furniture grouping into a romantic retreat for a cozy dinner for two! Put on some soft music and enjoy the ambience of the small space.

For small families, a mahogany counter height dining set is ideal. The clean lines of the table coupled with round cushioned barstools means little Susie and Timmy can swing their legs in comfort while Mom and Dad catch up on their day. Add a dining placemat set and you’re ready for lasagna or mac-and-cheese with a quick and easy cleanup.

If your kitchenette has old linoleum flooring or slippery, cold tile, consider an area rug for underneath your discount dining room set. Choose one that can be vacuumed daily, spot cleaned with a sponge, and hosed off outside if needed. Pull a color from the rug to help you choose accent pieces, and hang some wall art or café style curtains to complete the cheery look of your kitchenette.

If a traditional sized round or square table with four chairs won’t fit, try a slightly smaller table with stools. If you’re really cramped for space, opt for a long, low rectangular table with benches on each side. The table can be shoved up flush against the wall and the benches stored underneath when not in use.

A kitchenette not in use (for example, in homes that also feature a full dining room) can be utilized in other ways. Consider a small desk or table for children to do their homework at, or convert it into a home office for work or paying bills. If you are more than just a casual cook, you can turn this extra space into a prep area with a high table for vegetable chopping or pastry making.

Fobango carries a full line of cozy kitchenette furniture to make furnishing your kitchenette as a breakfast nook or workspace easy and efficient, whether you choose to use it for eating or any other activity.

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